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Opened since 2008, Original Sab-E-Lee is like a Prik-kee-nhoo(bird chili). It is a tiny chili but can give you tear drops with joy. We offer fresh, tasty, healthy food in the neighborhood of Linda Vista. Casual family style will remind you the Siam far-east country, the land of smiles and make some of you feel like home (relieves homesickness).  


We challenge you to try our authentic Isaan (northeastern) style  Thai cuisine which will make your taste buds and belly happy. Malee, Isaan-born iron chef knows best how to get all the flavors, hot (spicy), sour, sweet, salty and bitter (optional) going and make the real deal of Isaan Thai cuisine.  Please come in and try our unique dishes like, Namtok, Tom Ka, Morning Glory, and many more. Don’t be afraid to ask for your comfortable spice level, which is from zero to ten.  If your mouth feels like it is on fire, please let the ‘Sweet Sticky Rice with Mango’ or ‘Thai Ice Tea’ cool and refresh your palate. You won’t be disappointed.

We are Grateful and Honored to be recognized:

Zagat 2015 Top 50 Restaurants in San Diego: 

The Original Sab-E-Lee Thai  | Linda Vista

““Wonderful” Isaan-style Thai dishes with “intense”, “complex flavors” emerge from the kitchen at this “warm, friendly” cash-only duo in Linda Vista and Rancho Penasquitos with “bare-bones” decor and modest tabs; just “order wisely” since the spice levels are “plenty hot.””

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“Sab-E-Lee is everything that other Thai restaurants throughout San Diego are not.
This tiny, eight-table joint in Linda Vista, which bears little signage except for “Linda Foods” on the awning, specializes in the cuisine of Thailand’s northeastern Isaan region, where fiery chilies grow at the drop of a seed.
The menu provides a refreshing break from the usual colored curries and phad Thai. They’re available, but buried within a litany of Isaan specialties that expose you to things like spicy mint leaves with meat or seafood, delectable pork sausages with curry paste, steamed pork leg, raw beef with lime juice, meat jerkys and a plethora of other delights that are far removed from the Thai kitchens of Hillcrest and Downtown…”
Epicurious Eating: Sab-E-Lee Thai Food Restaurant   
Capsaicin dreamland by Frank Sabatini Jr. — Published Thursday, 04-Jun-2009 

“It’s pretty rare that I’ll eat at the same place twice in one week, yet I scheduled dinner at Sab-E-Lee and then lunch there the following day—even before I’d taken a single bite. I just had a feeling that it would be worth returning. It helped that there’d already been advance taste-reconnaissance done by a good friend, whose food blog is pretty much the gold standard when it comes to new food in town. He’d already become a regular at the Linda Vista restaurant, only a month into its existence, making multiple posts on his site and sending me a you-need-to-eat-here e-mail…”
San Diego City Beat — Thai like you’ve never tasted   

  Sab-E-Lee offers surprising flavors and lots of spice by Candice Woo – Published 9/09/2008